Our Mission

We will provide electrical and control systems engineering services with distinguished quality which satisfies each client's requirements in such a manner that the client is aware that they have received true value. We will engage in a quality improvement program that integrates our engineering processes with those of the client to help our clients produce quality products at the lowest possible cost.

What We Do

SEACON provides complete engineering and configuration services for the design, implementation, installation, and start-up of electrical and process control systems.
Our ability to provide complete services from the specification of field devices to corporate-wide applications provides a unique single source capability.
Our services are tailored to provide consulting to the client's engineering staff, or complete project responsibility.

Our Team

Our staff of engineers and support personnel have many years of practical experience in the process control and automation field for industrial systems.  The industries in which our people have experience include;

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Microelectronics
  • Marine
  • Consumer Products
  • Food
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Water Treatment
  • Defense

Our engineering staff includes Registered Professional Engineers qualified to perform engineering in any state in the United States. Experience in the field is one of the many areas of expertise that sets us apart from other companies.  Our people have been through start-ups of systems they designed and configured, and have seen how these systems perform in real life.    We know the field devices and how to build the controls from there up through the information system level.  It is this broad based knowledge of instrumentation, control systems, computer networking and data communications that allows us to design and build control systems that perform to their full potential.

Knowledge of the process is another area of strength.  We have developed a library of models which allows us to quickly model almost any process. This insight into the physics and chemistry of the process leads to better controls.