Honeywell Logic Manager / IPC-620 to ControlLogix Conversion

Honeywell has announced the discontinuation of manufacture of certain components of the Logic Manager (LM). In 2005 Honeywell announced its plan to support LMs and 620LCS with recycle parts through 2012. This was contingent on the non obsolescence of LM circuit board subcomponents. Honeywell had previously announced the following LM parts would no longer be manufactured:

  • RTD input 8pt
  • Pulse/Quad input
  • 240 vac input
  • Universal AI
  • Parallel I/O
  • 24 vdc I/O rack power supply
  • Half Rack

Information source, Honeywell web page HINTS May 2009 issue, page 11.

SEACON Engineering is a systems integrator with decades of Honeywell experience. Our staff is experienced in implementing & migrating the 620LCS and LM product family … including mini cop. Seacon has developed tools to convert the 620 logic to a Rockwell ControlLogix platform. The conversion process eliminates error and provides cost effective solutions for your migration.

The conversion process typically converts 80-90% of the 620 logic with 100% accuracy and then clearly identifies the logic that cannot be converted. The most common elements such as contacts, coils and timers are converted to their equivalent in the ControlLogix file. Existing rung comments are attached to the equivalent rung in the ControlLogix file. The remaining 10-20% is then manually converted by engineers experienced in both the 620 logic and ControlLogix. Based on your 620 file set, we can provide a free conversion report that will identify the problem rungs, the cost for conversion and a list of other considerations for your migration project. Click here to upload your files.

Don’t wait until your equipment fails and operations is looking at you as their cause of lost production. Give us a call. We can help get a handle on your growing need to address obsolescence by converting your Logic Managers to ControlLogix today.