PLC/DCS Migration Services

SEACON Engineering is a systems integrator with decades of experience in the design and implementation of affordable / long term supportable migration plans. Our staff is experienced with a wide variety of legacy control systems as well as the latest control platforms. Clients benefit from our experience & expertise in developing approaches tailored to local needs. With SEACON you will benefit from:

  • A broad pallet of approach options
  • A workable path forward
  • Affordable/fundable migration plans
  • Alternative parts sourcing
  • Freeing existing equipment to serve as transitional spares
  • Application Knowledge
  • Process Experience
  • Experience in migrating legacy system
  • After commissioning client support
  • Our one stop resource for engineering services

Seacon has developed tools to convert logic from many legacy systems to other automation platforms. The conversion process eliminates error and provides cost effective solutions for your migration. Tools are currently available for the following systems:

  • Foxboro IA to ControlLogix
  • Foxboro IA to Experion C200/C300
  • TDC2000 Basic Controller to TDC3000 HPM
  • TDC2000 Basic Controller to Experion C200/C300
  • TDC3000 HPM to Experion C200/C300
  • Provox to Emerson DeltaV

Looking for realistic options for your system’s obsolescence issues? Don’t wait until your equipment fails, the process is down, you have no way to quickly get back on line and operations is looking at you as their cause of lost production. Give us a call. We can help get a handle on your growing need to address obsolescent control systems.