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Our engineering staff includes Registered Professional Engineers qualified to perform engineering in any state in the United States. Experience in the field is one of the many areas of expertise that sets us apart from other companies.  Our people have been through start-ups of systems they designed and configured, and have seen how these systems perform in real life.   We know the field devices and how to build the controls from there up through the information system level.  It is this broad based knowledge of instrumentation, control systems, computer networking and data communications that allows us to design and build control systems that perform to their full potential.

David Kirchharr, PE


Matt Burton, PE, PMP

VP of Operations

Clay McArdle, PE

VP of Engineering

Brett Robbins, PE

VP of Business Development

Corey Dean, PE

Account Manager

Alan Stabler, PE

Account Manager

Brad Faulk, PE, PMP

Account Manager

Heath Bryan

Account Manager

Larry Battles

Account Manager

Juila Kane

MES Account Manager

Mike Findley

Account Manager

Randy Dean

Account Manager